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Emperador Dark Marble Tumbled

Buy premium quality emperador dark tumbled tile flooring and mosaic backsplash for your kitchen, shower, bathroom and more at distributors prices from EmperadorDark


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Dark Tumbled flooring or mosaic backsplash is the choice of the season. Emperador has 10 items lined up keeping in mind its customers preference. Honed and polished varieties of dark marble tiles have taken a back seat to give a way to the tumbled types. The tumbled surfaced black marble tiles exhibit an antiquated, rough and natural finish that is at times more sorted for. Emperador’s dark marble tumbled tiles each of the 10 items are different in patterns. However they can be further grouped as the pure dark marble textured and mixed textured. The mixed variety comes mainly of copper and glass mix or of mini Versailles. There are different sizes available, 12x12, 6x6, 3x6, 4x6, 5/8x5/8 or even 1x1. They are mostly available in beige color. The prices are bracketed within $6.99/sq.ft and $19.99/sq.ft. They can be used extensively for kitchen shower and bathroom flooring. Not just residential they can be used in commercial places also. Owing to its rough surface they are easy on places that have huge footfall i.e commercial sectors. However with its variant patterns and unique features Emperador marble will surely earn a fair amount of sophistication inside and outside.