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Emperador Dark Marble Tile From Spain

Flooring is an important part of any Interior design. The marble you choose will greatly influence the overall feel of your home. Tile sizes and finish should be taken into careful consideration with the entire theme of your home in mind. If you are looking for design options, you might consider our Emperador Dark Marble Tile from Spain. It is a gorgeously rich marble that can be installed in a variety of ways to achieve that special look.


12x12 is the perfect size for bathrooms on walls or floors and, is commonly used in all areas.  Emperador dark tile from Spain is rich in appearance, and dark brown in color. Our 12x12 emperador dark brown tiles are often used in hotels and other five-star establishments because of their elegant feel and design. Our emperador dark mosaic tiles are very easy to work with and will go well with both warm and bright lighting. You can immediately add a touch of class and style to any room of your home.


If you have a large area to cover our 18x18 Emperador Dark Marble Tile is typically used.  Its large profile reduces busyness and minimizing grout lines. This graceful marble can be cut in a variety of shapes and sizes to create a unique authentic design that will have your guests wanting to see the rest of your lovely home.


24x24 Emperador Dark Marble Tile is the absolute largest profile tile we carry and is most commonly used for large to extra-large areas. When installed diagonally, our emperador dark tile looks absolutely breathtaking.


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