''Emperador Dark Marble Tile Store''

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    Emperador Dark Tumbled

    Emperador Dark Marble Molding Type 1 Special Price :$13.99 /each
    Emperador Dark Marble 5/8x5/8 Tumbled Special Price :$15.99 /each

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    Emperador Dark Medallion

    Emperador Dark Marble Waterjet Border 001
    Special Price :$21.99
    Emperador Dark Marble Waterjet Medallion 48" 001
    Special Price :$899.99

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    Emperador Dark Tiles

    Emperador Dark Marble 12x12 Polished Special Price : $7.99
    Emperador Dark Marble 1x2 Polished Special Price : $14.99

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About Us

Our company is one of the leading natural stone importers in the USA. and we work with well qualified overseas manufacturers to ensure high quality premium grade product. Over the years of doing business supplying natural stones to building and construction industry, we have become expert in Spanish made marble tiles. Right now we have all kinds of marble imported from Spain.

Emperador dark is one of the most exquisite product that we carry and we have come to realize that it was harder to find than some of the other product. We have decided to create a website which is dedicated to this product, to reach out a bigger spectrum of customers and house owners.

As a great design element you can choose to use our broad selection of mosaics at your kitchen backsplash, shower or bathroom. Flooring is brilliant with our great size selection of tiles and borders from 24x24 to 4x4. We carry all sizes and surface types such as tumbled, polished or honed. Please do not forget to choose from a broad range of moldings and liners to put finishing touches to your design project.

One of the last but not least thing is to considering to lay a great waterjet medallion for an absolutely elegant finish to your house or commercial building. Please do not hesitate to give us a call to share your ideas with our qualified design and sales team